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Here at Black Sun Arts, we create crafts for the historically- and fantasy-minded. Anything you see may be customized or re-created, so please feel free to contact us and ask!


Vampire Knot Woodburned Coffin Box
The lid of this small box is hand-worked in beautiful original tribal/celtic knotwork style pyrography suggestive of fangs. An excellent
BlackSunArts Tri-Spiral Knot Cigar Box
Tri-Spiral Cigar Box
This flat square cigar-style box has a beautiful interlaced celtic/viking knotwork design on the lid.  Excellent for either a man
Celtic Hound Bone Hanging
This bone-shaped plaque has a hound or wolf celtic knotwork design burned on the face, filled with a natural woodburning
Celtic circle knot box
This round wood box has a beautiful interlaced celtic knotwork circular design on the lid.  Open it up and there’s
Thistle knot box
This oval box has a striking tribal-style celtic knotwork design on the lid, boldy shaded with natural woodburning technique.  This

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